Who We Are

Naděje z Popela, z.s is a non-profit charity organization in the Czech Republic which focuses on working with outcast, vulnerable, and neglected peoples. We're a team of Jesus-followers with a passion for seeking out and restoring the vulnerable and neglected with a burden for unity, but not uniformity, among the people of God. We hear and obey the voice of our Savior, and help to teach others to do the same. We seek out those who are hurting and in need, and welcome them into a home and a family.

Our Team

Keifer & Caity Lucchi

Director & Chairwoman of the Board

Keifer has lived in the Czech Republic for the past 5 years, and Caity for the last 3. Both of their children were born here, the first in ValMez, and the second in Hradec Králové, where they live now. Keifer is a film, theater, and storytelling geek. Caity is a natural teacher, writer, and prayer warrior. Together they are passionate about writing (both fiction and non-fiction), training and discipling Christian leaders, reaching out to the neglected, and helping people learn to hear and discern God’s voice.

Maximilian Ďatelinka

Deputy Director

Max is a student at Brno University of Technology in the Faculty of Business and Management. He originally comes from Kremnica, Slovakia, though if you meet him, you may think it’s more likely he came from Colorado. He’s a lover of music, an avid traveler, and consumer of quality coffee. He’s an artist, natural leader, networker, and people person, who likes the technical, nitty-gritty details of business and marketing as well. He and Jesus like to hang out, and he likes to bring others along when he can.

Brett & Debbie Mason

"Out of Ashes" Resident Directors

Brett and Debbie are currently part of our team from afar, but will be joining us in person as soon as the Out of Ashes house is established. Hailing from Iowa, Brett is an entrepreneur, amateur chef, inventor, coffee roaster, networker, handyman, coach, and trainer, among many other talents. Debbie is a natural encourager and nurturer, who excels at making people feel at home and welcome in any circumstance. Together, they’re the perfect team to work as "house parents" for the Out of Ashes center.

Filip & Julia

Board Members

Filip and Jules met at a Thanksgiving celebration at the Lucchi’s place and started dating soon after. A year later, they were married! They are currently living in a student apartment in Brno while they finish university. While Jules has already started her Master’s degree in education, Filip has been working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Security studies. They both enjoy writing, long walks, and deep conversations. They love the freedom marriage brings, and following Jesus. They both try to make the world a better place through their prayers, talents, and actions.

Alexander Ďatelinka

Board Member

Alex first started working alongside what is now the Naděje z Popela team when he moved to ValMez for his gap year. Keifer and Caity lived next door, and, very quickly, they became friends and then family. For Alex, the vision of Naděje z Popela was instantly captivating. He had always wanted to do something similar, but hadn't known exactly where to begin. His heart is primarily to create a safe place for people who wouldn't be accepted elsewhere, and he sees Naděje z Popela as a perfect way to do that. Alex is currently studying Civil Engineering of Wooden Structures at Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia.

Addison & Maggie Lucchi

Camp Coordinators & House Relief

Addison and Maggie want to share the love of Jesus with the world; specifically in the Czech Republic through teaching and working with youth. Currently, Maggie does administrative work for All Nations, a Christian missions organization based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Addison serves as an Associate Professor / Research Librarian at MidAmerica Nazarene University, where he also teaches English Composition and has the opportunity to lead service-learning trips to the Czech Republic in the summers. Most of the year, they reside in Olathe, KS, with their daughter Elinor.