Ignite Training

We believe in teaching that is interactive, hands-on, practical, and always comes back to a story. Why stories? We believe that the stories we tell others, and the stories we tell ourselves, are what make us the people we are. When we're teaching in a classroom of any sort, we want to be receptive, not only to teaching the subject matter in a quality way, but also intentionally intersecting with the stories of those we are teaching. While we want to bring a quality program that grows skill sets and challenges the way students think about a subject, we do what we do because the students matter to us, more than the subject material. Whether we are teaching a Christian event, or teaching in a school or educational institution, our students come before our material.

Our Model

All of our instructors follow the same five basic principles no matter what subject they are teaching. These influence how we teach, what we teach, and why we teach. These aren't just a methodology that we use to build our lessons. They're a shared ethic that influences everything we do as teachers.


We tell stories, make stories, live stories, and are stories. We believe that the stories we tell ourselves and are told by others make us who we are. When we enter a classroom, our goal is to intersect in a positive way with the stories our students are living. We believe that stories are the natural language God created to communicate truth, and so we want to do the same. We tell stories of Jesus, from history, and from our own lives, to communicate a given topic.

3 step teaching process

We use a three-step model of instruction:

1. Hear and do without corrections.
2. Hear and do with corrections (accountability/coaching)
3. Teach others to hear and do

We believe that mastery comes when someone can teach others how to complete a task, as well as be able to competently do it on their own. We want those we teach to be hearers, doers, and teachers.

Family-based Mentoring

The difference between a family and a business is the difference between a foundation of love and servant leadership and a basis in results. We believe that a foundation of love leads to results, but a foundation in results harms a student's ability to find joy in what they're doing or to learn on a heart level. We believe in leaders training leaders, and family mentoring family. Our relationships don't have to end when a course does, but may continue into mentorship or coaching.

Not Hearers only

Jesus says that those who hear what He says and do not do it are like a house that is built on the sand (Matthew 7:24-27). We believe this principle applies not only to our obedience in discipleship to Jesus, but to how we, as people, naturally learn. Instead of allowing our feelings, prejudices, and patterns of thought to dictate how we should act, we allow our actions to shape our hearts and minds. We believe in teaching and action going hand-in-hand, not working as two separate entities. All of our courses are hands-on, and combine thought with action.

Faith Comes
Through Hearing

We are first and foremost an organization of Jesus-followers who know His voice. We believe that every follower of Jesus has the ability to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, and that hearing Him speak to us is the foundation of growth in Christ. When we teach, we incorporate the words of Jesus, the things He has taught us personally, and stories of Jesus from His word, our lives, and history. While we will never try to persuade students to become followers of Jesus in an educational setting, we will share stories about Jesus, and those who follow Him.

Our Topics


  • Business and Business English

  • Multidisciplinary English Camps including Native Speaking Professionals in a Variety of Fields

  • Arts (Dance, Theater, Fine Art, Film, Storytelling, etc.)

  • Media (Video, Photography, Web, Sound, etc.)

  • More! (Ask us!)

Christian Discipleship

  • Hearing God's Voice

  • Disciple-Making (Simple Church, Relational Discipleship, Discovery Bible Study [DBS], and Home Groups)

  • Authentic Relationships with God and Others

  • Loving LGBTQ+ Individuals Inside, and Outside the Church

  • Telling Jesus Stories

Our Training

Ignite for Education

We believe that Christians are called to seek the good of the community in which they live (Jeremiah 29:7), and to seek restorative justice for those who are neglected. With all educational services, priority is given to groups in need, or neglected groups. At present, we primarily offer services within the Czech Republic, though consideration may also be given to bordering countries, depending upon availability. We are able to offer these courses as we have volunteers or staff available to offer them.

Educational grants may also come available and will be listed below as we have ability. If you're interested in requesting an Ignite for Education event, fill out the form below.

Ignite for Disciple-makers

We want to make disciples who make disciples, just like Jesus. Our training focuses on equipping individuals and churches to start disciple making movements within the Czech Republic and beyond. Our courses focus on teaching through storytelling, hearing the voice of Jesus, living authentically before God and man, and obedience to Biblical commands through action.

To request a course for your church, home-group, or Christian organization,
fill out the form below. Public courses will also be listed on our Upcoming Events page, along with registration details.

Educational Grant Programs

There are currently no additional education grants available.

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If you'd like to make a request for a specific type of service, or grant, please use the form to the right, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!