What We Do

The "Out of Ashes" House

As followers of Jesus, we believe that every person is created in the image of God, with inherent worth, and loved by their Creator. At the Out of Ashes house, our hope is that those who society has rejected can find acceptance, those who have been wounded can find healing, and those who are weary can finally find rest. While our doors are not closed to anyone, our house focuses on being a place of shelter and respite for Czech and European Christian workers who are weary or on the verge of burnout, hurting people in our community, and youth and women at-risk.

In addition, we provide a space for community engagement events, specifically targeted around the guiding principles and core activities of the house, so that we can collaborate with our local and extended community for the welfare of those in the city and country in which we are based.

"Epic" Groups

"epic" is a group of Europe-based side b/y Christian men, who are following Jesus and keeping to the old roads. We are dedicated to supporting and encouraging same-sex attracted Christian men in Europe while also working to equip local churches to better care for LGBTQ+ and same-sex attracted individuals inside and outside of the church. We believe that freedom comes through truth (John 8:31-32), both in looking at our stories in an authentic way, and in making our narrative with Jesus our primary narrative. At this time, "epic" is a group specifically for side B and Y Christian men.

We also work to educate, mentor, and provide support for churches throughout Europe who want to know how to better love LGBTQ+ individuals inside and outside the family of God.

Ignite Training

Ignite is interactive, hands-on, story-centered training for churches or educational institutions. We work with churches on topics of Christian discipleship, using a model based in obedience to the words of Jesus, and a foundation in hearing God's voice, spoken through scripture and the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to ignite disciple-making movements as we train disciples of Jesus to "go and make disciples."

In an educational setting, we focus on working with schools and educational institutions who are under-resourced or are working with marginalized and neglected groups. We provide training, camps, and workshops in multiple areas of interest, including business, English, the arts, and media. While we want to bring a quality program that grows skill sets and challenges the way students think about a subject, we do what we do because our students matter. Our goal is to lift them up through practical education, and timely engagement with their life stories and situations.